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Thank you so much for making an inquiry for property maintenance services with We appreciate your custom and want to reward you with a 35% Discount on industry standard pricing for supporting our locally owned and operated business. measure your home using the Copernicus terrestrial mapping satellite. This amazing technology enables us to measure your home with great accuracy and saves us the time, and you the hassle, of waiting around for a rep to turn up with a measuring tape when we are sure you have better things to do with your time. It also enables us to provide you an online quote as well as screenshots of your homes measurements for your reference.


If your happy with your quote, we are typically able to complete the job within 24 hours, providing the weather conditions are favorable, and we will call you shortly to discuss the details. To qualify for your 35% Discount, our terms of service require payment on completion of the job which can be made in cash on the day or by internet banking using the details provided on your invoice. We encourage you to file your receipt along with your homes L.I.M Report for future reference.


Feel free to check out our Facebook page, Moss Munchers, for examples of some of the domestic and commercial jobs we have completed recently and thank you once again for choosing, we are happy to do the dirty work for you : )

Simply fill out the form below to submit your quote and we'll be in touch shortly...


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